Is This Real Life?

Editor’s Note: Topgolf fans Joey and Stephanie Pierce won a trip to the American Country Music Awards in Las Vegas this April, courtesy of Dr Pepper. Below is Joey’s account of his once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

The excitement started in a very abrupt fashion. This was not a situation where the excitement had time to build. I was working and received a phone call from an unknown number…I answered, and a lady very quietly started asking me questions and explaining how I entered a sweepstakes with Topgolf. I immediately thought that I was being spammed into a whirlwind of more phone calls of nonsense. However, after asking a few more questions, she stated that I qualified and was the Grand Prize Winner. Excited is the understatement of the year. I was baffled, confused, sick, but mostly on cloud 9.

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A Time to Thrill

The day had finally come, a day that had been looming in my mind for over a week. The day began like any other day, and after completing my daily 10,000 push-ups and 30,000 sit-ups, I showered, ate breakfast and left for work. While the day began normally, the ever-nearing night would be like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It is 6p.m., only an hour left before the big moment, time to suit up; for you see, I was going to throw out the first pitch at The Colony High School baseball game. Now let me preface this with the fact that in ‘94 I played College Football*, and I was always the quarterback. I’ve played in big games before, but I had never been this nervous…

Just three days prior I had a dream, nay, more of a nightmare. There I am, atop the dirt mound that lies 60 feet away from home plate. As I wind up to throw, the wind pushes hair across my brow and a lone eagle circles the sky above. I release the ball, but instead of it going to the catcher’s mitt, it goes five feet straight to the ground where the eagle swoops down to grab it like a frightened rodent in the Mojave Desert. It flies high into the air and releases the ball directly above me. The ball hurdles down toward my face, and, just as it is inches away from giving me a black eye, I wake up, my bed covered in sweat. There’s only 15 minutes left until game time…

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Tee Up For What

Not long after I starting working for Topgolf, I began to hear talk of something called “Tee-Up Crew.” I listened to conversations and figured that the obvious explanation was that Topgolf had a traveling gang… What?

Obviously I was confused and wanted to know more! I began asking some of the veteran Associates and came the conclusion that Tee-Up Crew was something pretty amazing…and definitely something I wanted to be a part of.

So, what’s the definition?

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Topgolf is Changing: See Our Makeover

We all know the importance of a logo right? It’s the brand mark.  It’s the icon, symbol or stamp that people recognize.  Nike, Starbucks, Pepsi, Apple and the like all have that brand recognition that every marketer wants.  But even those big brands made changes to their logos over time.  They evolved as the company changed and trends changed too.  That’s where we are with TopGolf (actually, now it’s Topgolf). We’re evolving!

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Summer 2014 at TopGolf

Blanket forts and spiked hot cocoa are fantastic, but most of us are starting to wonder, “When the heck will I see the sun again?” Snow, ice and the general feeling of hypothermia permanently setting in are ensuring that this coming summer will be welcomed with excessive enthusiasm.

What this summer will be like at TopGolf…

Hot Days (and Dates)
As soon as jorts and tanktops are a possibility, everyone will be busting out their summer clothes and sporting anything and everything that doesn’t resemble a parka. The prediction: no amount of heat or humidity will stop TopGolfers from gettin’ out and gettin’ social!

Late Nights
That’s right. Beer specials will be embraced as everyone and their cousin hits the best place open til 1 or 2 a.m. on weekends. (I’m still talking about TopGolf.) Pitch black can’t stop the party on our super-lighted tee lines.

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Tips from a Golf Pro: Holding Your Club & Swinging Basics

The game of golf has always been a difficult one to play consistently well. Only a handful of people hit the big time, but with our amazing interactive targets for feedback on your game, there is no better way to start playing! With the help of our amazing TopGolf Coaching team, we can get you started in the right way and help you develop your game to reduce your TopGolf handicap.

For the player just starting, the set-up position and the general swing shape are the most important things to understand.

Below are two sequences that will show you step by step how to take the perfect grip and then how to stand as well as some key positions that will positively impact your game.

For the purposes of this article, we will go through the steps for a right-handed golfer. For left-handed golfers, the information is the same – just do the opposite in each step.

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