Austin, the City of Burnt Orange, Passion and Weirdness

When thinking of Austin, Texas, the three things that come to mind are burnt orange, passion and weirdness. Why is this? It is commonly stated that the south is full of “passionate folks with tons of southern hospitality.” This is especially true here in the state capital, even with all of our friends who have moved here from the West Coast. So of course, when thinking of these terms, we felt it very important to explain how TopGolf Austin carries these special characteristics.

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TopGolf & Texas. It just makes sense.

There are some things that go perfectly together. Peanut butter and jelly is a match made in gooey heaven. Christmas just isn’t complete without some family time, and of course spiked eggnog. Batman couldn’t have done it without his loyal butler, Alfred. (I could have said Robin, but let’s be honest…) I think y’all get the idea.

TopGolf and Texas is the best paring since pizza and beer.

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