Graduating? Done with Learning? Think again!

I was recently interviewed by a student working on a marketing project, and he asked me for some advice about getting ahead in the world of marketing. It’s a question I get a lot from students. My answer is easy! Keep learning and keep listening.

Seems obvious to me now, but as a sparky young 21-year-old graduate I thought I’d already “made it.” I graduated and landed my first job doing marketing and PR for a major retailer back in my homeland (Scotland). As I smugly stood by the fax machine firing off press releases to the news desks at local newspapers and magazines, I thought studying was behind me. And I had a framed piece of paper to prove it!

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Team Building Activities

If I was to publish a list of sentences I’ve heard most in the work place, one sentence that would be positioned right up there with ‘OMG I love TopGolf – it’s amazing!’ would be ‘I need to organise some sort of team building activity’.

To be honest, I don’t think people fully understand what they mean when they ask that question.  In fact, for me the phrase ‘team building’ has somewhat lost its way in recent years.  One could be forgiven for thinking that the only way to properly build a cohesive ‘team’ would be spending thousands of pounds shipping staff off to the heart of the countryside to learn how to build rafts using only a limited amount of tools and materials (that mostly comprise of string), or to come up with ingenious idea of how not to break an eggs that are being dropped from a height (mostly using string), or my own personal favourite and team building classic: the old Tug ‘o war! Oh wait.. another variant of string!

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The TopGolf Corporate Challenge – WIN A CAR

The clocks have changed, the sun is out, that can only mean one thing…the Corporate challenge is back!

2011 saw the quarterly event take to new heights, going bigger and better than ever before with more prizes up for grabs and the chance to win a brand new car! But don’t just take our word for it; Prestige Events awarded us with the title ‘2011 COOLest Venue for Corporate fun’ based on our superb service and unique game. Watch the video here

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What’s Cooler than being Cool?

Being told your ‘Cool’ will never get old, especially when you’re invited to Shaka Zulu to receive an award for it!

Prestige Events annual ‘COOL Venues awards’ was a glamorous affair, no more so than when the TopGolf team walked on stage to collect the award for ‘COOLest Venue for Corporate Fun’.

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Mar 2012
Michael Hay


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